How to Program Smart Key for Ford Expedition 2018

Both Auro OtoSys IM100 and IM600 adds Ford models IMMO key programming up to 2018 in July 2018. Here’s the demo guide to program smart key on a Ford Expediti...

5 days ago by obd365


Best Indian Astrologer in London

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Top Indian Astrologer in London

Our popular astrologers(london) is an Indian all around prestigious soothsayer and renowned profound healer, Bla...down your vitality levels and demotivating you. He is an expert in purging your auro...

56 days ago by Astrologerabhinav


Program Toyota Tacoma 2017 All Smart Keys Lost and Reset Smart Box

Model: Toyota Tacoma 2017Tool: Auro OtoSys IM600/Auro OtoSys IM100 tabletPurpose:Toyota Tacoma 2017 smart key all keys lost and smart box reset with otosys im600 in 16 minutes and RE...

93 days ago by obd365


Which tool supports VW/Audi Component Protection?

This is for those looking for a tool for VW/Audi Component Protection…   There are three (.../Audi Component Protection. It can be done with FVDI2 commander, Auro...

117 days ago by 3635OBD2


How to program 2011 Nissan Navara D40 all keys lost

New feedback: Nissan Navara D40 2011 all keys lost done with Auro OtoSys IM100/IM600 tablet key programmer.Connect IM100/IM600 tablet and VCI with vehicleSelect IMMO function>Nissa...

118 days ago by obd365


How to do odometer correction on BMW X5

Here are FAQs of  how to do mileage adjustment on BMW X5 and how to choose the best odometer corr...p://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2017/10/30/tool-best-for-obd-programming-bmw-fembdc/ Auro...

120 days ago by 3635OBD2


Auro OtoSys IM100 immobilizer system application

Auro OtoSys IM100 IMMO application requires a data link to the IMMO ele ctronic  control system of the test vehicle for diagnosis via OBD II connection. The application...

122 days ago by Chasen Black


How to clone VW Jetta 2014 Megamos 48 Key by OBD

We successfully cloned an original 2014 Volkswagen Jetta key onto a KeylessGo Megamos 48 transponder using the Auro OtoSys IM100 ( which will also work on an IM600).Connect IM100...

124 days ago by obd365


Auro OtoSys IM600 user manual: how to use, instruction, update

Auro OtoSys IM600 is a IMMO, programming, diagnostics, service 4-in-1 powerful...werful Auro OtoSys IM600 when comparing it with Auro OtoSys IM100:    ...

138 days ago by 3635OBD2

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