CGDI MB vs VVDI MB Tool: Vehicle, Token, PCB, Tech Support

Which is the best tool for Mercedes-Benz key programming? cgdi mb key programmer or XHORSE VVDI MB TOOL? what can do vvdi that can't do cgdi? or what can do...

7 days ago by diycar


Benz W215 W220 all keys lost by CGDI MB+CG Pro

Mercedes Benz W215 W220 all keys lost, how to program new keys because the job can’t be done via OBD? What you need is one CGDI MB Mercedes Benz key pro...

15 days ago by Chasen Black


How to Program Key for Honda Civic 2006 93C46

How to: program key on a Honda Civic year 2006 using Xhorse VVDI Prog and Tango key programmer.   Step 1: Read Immo Data with VVDI Prog Read 93c46 eeprom data...

15 days ago by obd365


VVDI PROG + VVDI MB program new keys to 2002 E230 W210

Confirmed! Xhorse tools VVDI PROG + VVDI MB are able to program new keys to 2002 E230 with EZS W210 when all keys are lost.   In detail...   Purpose:&...

29 days ago by 3635OBD2


CG-Pro Porsche key reading and writing free update

New! CG-Pro programmer  free update Porsche key reading and writing function.   Info: 1.Click on "Models" -> Anti-theft -> Por...

31 days ago by 3635OBD2


CGDI MB Do All Keys Lost Programming for Benz W166

Mercedes Benz W166 all keys lost and program new keys, CGDI MB Pro is good choice, here share user manual with pictures.  CG Pro 9S12 Guide: Select Lock(EIS) Click on &ldquo...

37 days ago by Chasen Black


How to read W208 password with VVDI MB Tool

Confirmed! VVDI MB TOOL can read password of Mercedes-Benz W208 password...sword on old model. You can read mcu by vvdi prog or orange5 you we’...

44 days ago by 3635OBD2


How to Perform BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning by CGDI BMW

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn is in the dismantling method instead of OB...low parts.  CGDI Shop BMW FEM/ BDC installation location. CGDI Benz Programmer 95128 IC location...

46 days ago by Chasen Black


Xhorse VVDI Prog, Xprog and R280 Read BMW cas4 5M48H

Reading BMW cas4 5M48H, the optional working programmers are Xhorse VVDI Prog, Xprog 5.5, Xprog 5.6, Xprog 5.7, R280 plus and Smok, etc. Option 1: VVDI Pro read cas4 5M48H Xhorse VVDI Pro...

47 days ago by Chasen Black


Digiprog 3 Smart ForTwo 2007 (BOX/TACHO) Odometer Correction

Digiprog 3 and Smart ForTwo 2007 BOX and TACHO. Possible? Yes. Here you go.   Part 1: Smart ForTwo 2007 BOX Part 2: Smart ForTwo 2007 TACH...

56 days ago by 3635OBD2

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