KwikDecoder HU66 vs. Lishi Hu66

KwikDecoder HU66 and Lishi HU66 lock pick and decoder are very hot sale locksmiths’ tool, Here has some reviews of them, aiming to help you decide which one you prefer...

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KwikDecoder HU66 or Lishi Hu66?

Which one Lock Pick 2-in1 is better: KwikDecoder HU66, Lishi HU66. Reviews mean a lot.   Lishi HU66 2-in-1 Lock Pick and Decoder: quick and accurate Review 1:...

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How To Use 2M2 Tank Key Cutting Machine

Good news!!!If you wait the Xhorse Condor Dolphin for a long time and can't get it, y...ight side and clamp it Attention,the HU64 clamp must be against this side HU66 Key Please set the keyembryo...

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What Tool to Make Ferrari California 2010 All Keys Lost?

Q:   Has anybody programmed a transponder to the newer Ferrari California year 2010, this is the 1 with the...sp;module 6, or tango , or similar tool, sipp22 easy decode with lish...

84 days ago by obd365


Tips on using Lishi HU101 Picking and decode

Here is the  user feeback of 2 tips on using Lishi HU101 Picking and decode on Ford Transit Connect with tibbe key up until 2013. Car model: Ford Transit Conn...

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How to use New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder

New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder is a new super star, it can open and read data within10 Seconds. Because it has no TRAINING REQUIRED, an increasing number of lock...

124 days ago by 3635OBD2

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