Four standards in the production of DeZe stainless steel castings

DeZe stainless steel casting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of centrifugal casting tubes and stainless steel castings. After years of development a...

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Stainless steel precision casting process

There are two main types of dewaxing casting methods: the Solid Mold method and the Cer...for stainless steel precision casting obtains a casting method for precision castings. http://janspijkers.nl/sitema...

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Definition Of China Mechanical Parts

What is the definition of Chinese mechanical parts? Which are China Mechanical Parts? What are the corresponding castings and forgings?The definition o...

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Two basic specialties of stainless steel casting process

Because the shortening of fine casting of stainless steel is much greater than that of...der to avoid cold insulation and lack of pouring, the wall thickness of steel castings should not be less than 8 mm;...

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What are the advantages of precision steel castings?

With the continuous development of the production volume and production technology of the machinery industry, the casting characteristics of steel castings are also constantly being upg...

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Overcapacity leads to fierce competition in the stainless steel castings market

In recent years, China's output has increased year by year and its development has been...uction: On the one hand, due to the trend of lightweight vehicles, the global castings market has seen huge demand,...

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Three advantages when using stainless steel investment casting

1. It can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially high temperature gold castings such as jet engine blades, streamlines and cooling chambers, and processes that are alm...

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How to reduce the occurrence of rust in precision casting during processing

In precision casting, we can use stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. They can be used for Stainless steel casting. However, it is still necessary to choose...

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Stainless steel casting needs attention

1. In order to prevent whiteness in stainless steel precision casting, besides technolo...-yielding nature of the metal and core, in order to facilitate the removal of castings and withdrawal moulds, the ca...

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Precision casting helps you pursue perfection

We need to consider the problems that Precision casting needs to consider in the produc...know more about it as a manufacturer. For example, when producing some large castings, the tools or equipment used...

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