Top BMW cas4+ key programmers feedback

Feedback on the working BMW cas4+ key programmers: VVDI PROG, Yanhua Mini ACDP with the CAS4 Module, Hextag and CG Pro / CGDI etc.   Top 1. VVDI PROG work good....

yesterday by 3635OBD2


Nissan Pathfinder PINCODE needed, VVDI2? Tango? EFFI?

Needed pincode for NISSAN PATHFINDER. This is the dump from the car read with xprog but I couldn't read it with...ttps://mega.nz/#!URQVhaQR!Lx0WFTFx9alkopUCM2lNG_fUo-txa_xbPP56clKJJW0   Xhorse...

7 days ago by 3635OBD2


When to calibrate Condor XC-Mini Plus?

When do you need to calibrate the Xhorse Condor XC-Mini II? How to calibrate? These are the questions that must be considered before cutting keys.   When to calibrate Condor...

9 days ago by 3635OBD2


Hyundai I20 Elite Remote Generate and Program

It is very simple to generate and program a remote to Hyundai i20 elite.Here, will show you the how-to’sAll will be done withVVDI mini key tool (generation)X...

29 days ago by obd365


How to update Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus

This article is available with cutter/clamp installation and online update instructions on Xhorse Condor XC- Mini Plus key cutting machine.   Installation instruction&nb...

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KwikDecoder HU66 or Lishi Hu66?

...Key Data To SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine (2) v8/x6 key cutting machine user manual free download (1) The Small wonder!Xhorse Condor XC-Dolphin (1) Tips on...

37 days ago by 3635OBD2


BMW FEM mileage reset tool: VVDI2 BMW or Yanhua mini ACDP ?

Two BMW FEM mileage reset tools are using and verified working fine. They are VVDI2 BMW and Yanhua m...FEM   Tool option: Expensive one: it's very simple. buying Xhorse...

42 days ago by 3635OBD2


How To Use 2M2 Tank Key Cutting Machine

Good news!!!If you wait the Xhorse Condor Dolphin for a long time and can't get it, you can choose 2M2 Tank Machine to replace Condor Dolphin. 2M2 Magic Tank is very easy-to-use, Chi...

65 days ago by 3635OBD2


How to Use VVDI Super Chip & Mini Key Tool Clone Ford Mazda 8C

Here uobd2 show you the test report on VVDI super chip and VVDI Mini Key programmer to clone Ford Mazda 8C. Compat...rd/Mazda 8C clone”. Start Clone. http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xhorse...

72 days ago by Chasen Black


How to: CG MB BE key points collection and exchange for token

This article answer the questions: how to collect the 200 points after using CG MB BE Key, how to exchange the points as the token (password calculation service). As kn...

77 days ago by 3635OBD2

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