How to setup SDconnect C4 wired connection to PC

This is how to connect SD Connect C4 with Xentry 2014, that failed to registrer my multiplexer and hasn’t LAN connecting into a SD connect. 添加...

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How to change W221 heater booster to auxiliary heating

This is a W221 tutorial created for W221 owners with diesel engines. How to change the heater booster system to a fully functional auxiliary heating system.  ...

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2017.5 Xentry/DAS Diagnostic Software Download

05.2017 Xentry OpenShell XDOS is released to work no issues with SD connect c4 diagnostic tools.   2017.05 mercedes star diagnostic software download:...

55 days ago by 3635OBD2


Why I choose MB SD C4 MUX+ V2017.03 Xentry+ Lenovo T410 kit?

I recently bought an entire kit MB SD C4 MUX+ V2017.03 DAS Xentry HDD+ Lenovo T410laptop for my Mercedes repair shop. This kit is very useful and practical to earn my livi...

69 days ago by tuita


2017.03 SDconnect C4 Xentry/DAS FAQ

...rs and professional answers from engineers working for mbstartool.com. Hopefully, it helps those in trouble.   Q: How to change the Xentry language? A: Go to Setup...

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Free download 03.2017 MB Star SD C4 Xentry: WIN7 WIN10 tested YES

Good news for sharing! Newest MB Star SD C4 Xentry 03.2017 for WIN7 WIN10 is now available! Below are free download torrent and tested YES source for you! Free downlo...

103 days ago by tuita

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