Xhorse Merry Christmas Promotion for VVDI2 authorization

Xhorse Merry Christmas Promotion for VVDI2 authorization: 1th:To active 96bit 48-clone function with one free token everyday for one year,just need 2000 bonus points +...

25 days ago by diycar


What is new features of Condor MINI Plus key cutting machine?

Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Plus key cutting machine will come soon. And we will introduce some basic information about condor mini plus key cutting machine,and comparison abou...

42 days ago by diycar


How to use Defu 368A key machine makes double sided flat keys?

Defu 368A is a very cheap machine, but does cut most keys well with clamp addons for tibbe etc. DOES NOT DO “all keys lost” Ok for doing double sided flat key...

94 days ago by Chasen Black


Condor XC-MINI and VVDI Key Tool Toyota G Cloning Steps

Condor xc mini key cutting machine Key Cutting Machine cut new Toyota Key,then use VVDI Key Tool Clone G key.This blog is about the Condor XC-MINI and VVDI Key Tool...

129 days ago by diycar


VVDI MB BGA Tool Token Menu Options

VVDI MB BGA Tool Password Calculation function requires tokens as we all know, then what Token Menu Xhorse prepare for the users in order to save money as...

132 days ago by diycar


Xhorse condor Mini cuts VW HU162T(9) without new clamp

Xhorse condor Mini is tested ok to cut VW HU162T(9) successfully! No need new clamp (Thumb UP) Tested by Xhorse Company engineer. Pictures mean a lot: Xh...

133 days ago by diycar


How to use Condor XC-MINI Cut New VW HU162T(9/10cuts)?

Condor XC-MINI Add Key:HU162T,and here we will introduce instruction about how to use condor mini key cutting machine cut New VW HU162T(9/10cuts) key. 1. Start co...

134 days ago by diycar


SEC-E9 key cutting machine for House key and Car key

SEC-E9 CNC automatic key cutting machine, can cut both House key and Car key, is newly released at www.uobdii.com. PS: CONDOR XC-MINI can only cut Car key. But you have t...

150 days ago by Chasen Black


What are the best trade options at the moment?

  Trading is not everyone’s game, yet it makes sense to know a few basic things about it to pave way for a better future, for whenever the need arises for i...

157 days ago by Manuel Jesus


Condor XC-MINI Cut New ford 2017 Review

xhorse condor xc mini Key cutting machine is on promotion now,free get M4 clamp,M4 clamp is for house keys.And today we add New ford 2017 Condor XC-MINI feedback fro...

162 days ago by diycar

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