Final Fantasy XIV's Blue Mage Job Debuts Today

...2019. All fan festival events will likely be played absolutely free of charge around the official FINAL FANTASY XIV site and gamers can buy cheap FFXIV Gil on specialist web site ww...

2 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensturn Occasion Will Kick Off Soon

...trading. In case you missed out the prior years' events, many of the past items will be obtainable in Seasonal Shop. You may also get the cheapest FFXIV Gil and other IGXE Games item...

16 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Final Fantasy XIV's Holiday Event Starlight Celebration Comes Back this Month

Every year, Final Fantasy XIV players gather FFXIV Gil to celebrate the Holidays with all the Starlight Celebration, this year is going to be no exception. The celebration will comm...

36 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Why Final Fantasy XIV Could be the Only Game You'll Ever Need to have

...immersive story, reside service updates, strong consumer service, classy vanity items around the mog station, a companion chat app so you can buy FFXIV Gil keep in touch with in-gam...

49 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Updates of FFXIV occurred and Game clients to become updated automatically on release

...me clients are to be updated automatically on release. Here the affected service was the Final Fantasy XIV. detailing the update The hotfixes of FFXIV occurred around the 16 Octobe...

83 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Final Fantasy XIV Players Appreciate The Entertaining Of Random Dice in Game

Most players who adventure in Final Fantasy XIV are worried that new piece of loot will fall from hard dungeon, or if they could buy FFXIV Gil an d get adequate rewards in PVP to unl...

84 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Final Fantasy XIV's Yoshida Naoki on Going F2P - 'No Strategy at All'

...rs and players than simply looking to maximize the profit in short period of time. Games like Dragon Quest Builder recently released in Korea and FFXIV are in equivalent in that sen...

98 days ago by Shelia Smithson


One Minute Critiques: Final Fantasy XIV

...ves, then your subsequent strongest, then the following strongest, until the timer cools down on your strongest move and it is time for you to buy FFXIV Gil start out the cycle once...

115 days ago by Shelia Smithson


Final Fantasy XIV Are Available For Sale On Steam For Only 50% Off

...ailable For Sale On Steam For Only 50% Off ffxi gil Online, is a multiplayer online role-playing game for PCs running Microsoft Windows. FFXIV was developed and released by...

153 days ago by venynx


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3

Recently, buy ffxiv gil official website show off a whole bunch of new screenshots for patch 4.3 “Under the Moonlight” which show moments from the new main...

168 days ago by venynx

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