How To Use Yanhua Porsche BCM Key Tester

New coming!!!Want to know whether the Porche key is working? Is remote working? The Yanhua Porche BCM key tester will tell you Here we are: Youtube video...

3 days ago by 3635OBD2


Will Yanhua MINI ACDP Replace BMW Used FEM?

Question: I have a used FEM for replace in original vehicle. Can Yanhua Mini ACDP perform this job?   The answer is Yes, exactly Yanhua Mini ACDP can do w...

8 days ago by 3635OBD2


Digimaster III with Clip Adapter no Soldering is Required

Question: I want to buy Digimaster3 with clip adapter so no soldering is required &nb...is required, comes with diagnostic function. It can work together with Yanhua Digimaster3, CKM100, Auto Digital...

23 days ago by 3635OBD2


Which to Buy AutoHex II or BMW Explorer?

Question: What genuine tool to buy that fits my needs. There are 2 tools left which is Autohex II...ery attractive tool too! Choice is yours. Funny enough I still like Yanhua min...

24 days ago by 3635OBD2


Yanhua ACDP enable vehicle info query function

Magazine that you are interested in Yanhua Mini ACDP and wondering if it can program your key, but you only know your car model and year, then the newest ACDP q...

37 days ago by 3635OBD2


Yanhua ACDP update: check the car info by VIN before programming

  Yanhua Mini ACDP update on 4th July, 2019: IOS user is able to check the car information using the VIN before programming, just upgrade your app from Ap...

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Yanhua Mini ACDP 2009 -2018 Volvo Key Programming: Tested Working

Yanhua Mini ACDP developed Module 12 to program key for Volvo Semi-smart (5-button key) . And Volvo fully-smart (6-button key) key programming is developing. Ya...

55 days ago by 3635OBD2


Which tool can do Toyota prius 2005 dash odomter correction?

...005 KM reading & writing, digiprog has problem, orange 5 ,Carprog, digimaster 3 are all ok, go on readi...esired   Press Write KM   Write KM success.   Yanhua digimaster 3 : success I recom...

59 days ago by 3635OBD2


YH35XX Programmer & Simulator reading and writing 35128WT

YH35XX Programmer & Simulator can be used for reading and writing 35128WT. Easy to use, no risk and...fy whether the mileage modification is successful.   http://www.yanhuamini...

68 days ago by chinaobd


Yanhua Mini ACDP: How to set the board on the cas 4?

Using Yanhua Mini ACDP, how to set the board on the cas 4 so that the pins align and also how to lock the board into the cas?   Just follow this video to do in ste...

78 days ago by 3635OBD2

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