LeapZipBlog: John Anderson's blog: How Email Automation Is the Key to Your Future Business Success

How Email Automation Is the Key to Your Future Business Success

July 19, 2016 by John Anderson  

If you are in business, you must have attended conferences, online discussions and workshops focusing on improving customer retention, promoting engagement and getting those vital recurring sales. All of these point out the importance of the customer journey, but none of the above would tell you how to do that. Well, email automation is the answer to it. Just keep in mind that if you choose marketing automation software, it’s like having your webshop software.

If you are a small retailer having limited number of products to sell, a small number of supplies and manageable number of orders per week to handle, you will be able to input products, process deliveries and orders as well as highlight top products to customers on your own. But as the business grows manual flexibility has its limit. You need a reliable built-in service that does the job and sets you in your way fast. You can manage this with your Gmail account also. However, if you need Gmail Password Recovery at any time of the day, call the support and get instant assistance.

But if you are into a very big business dealing with customers and clients from all over the world, you need a software to handle and deal with the huge data. It will help you with more technical solutions, coordinate supply-chain steps, offer seamless service to visitors on website and ensure timely and perfect delivery of your products. Surprisingly you can achieve similar seamless experience through automated marketing. Traditional email service requires you to write the email and then send to recipients. Larger portion of the email stays unopened and unengaging.

On the other hand marketing automation makes use of the complexities of customer or prospect data and send targeted email communications which are based on their interaction with business. So, here your marketing is based on your fixed marketing strategy but is brought back to life dynamically by the actions of your audiences. This also enables you to manage the variables on individual basis and helps send one to one communications based on whether the customer has logged in to your website, spoken to your call center, had face to face with any brand representative or is a specified time passed since that customer last interacted with you.

So, now your marketing is getting personalized and is in context with the interests of your customers. Once you know what happens and how automated marketing helps you plan future for your business, it is time you took the right approach towards it. In order to win customer loyalty and to see a remarkable improvement in visitor growth and retention, you need to make sure that the emails are sent timely, consistently and include context based messages.

Always keep in mind that it is the market plan and not the technology that fails. So, in case you need to get your Gmail problem attended like Gmail forgot password or Gmail not logging in, call the Gmail Tech Support Number and get it resolved immediately so that you get back to work quickly.