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How High-Speed Industrial Doors Are Beneficial

June 24, 2017 by UK High Speed Doors  

Fore areas that experience high traffic, it’s absolutely essential that your doors are fast to open and close to make sure the smooth flow of traffic without any hindrance. This is where fast action industrial doors are a must. With an easy operating system and door speeds of 2.5 m/s, these doors will make sure that everything operates as smoothly as possible.

There are many benefits of using  high-speed industrial doors.  A few of these benefits are mentioned here.



Door function in industrial premises can experience impacts, particularly in high traffic regions. Rapid doors are self-repairing so any effect on the doors, for example, fast-moving forklift cars or trucks will be remedied. The doors are also capable of resealing  which saves both money and time repairing damage sourced by an impact.

Tailor-made For The Food Industry

High-speed industrial doors are ideal for numerous applications, especially for the food industry. These doors can be jet washed completely and kept clean on all areas. The speed at which they open also aid in the fast transportation of foods around any area.

Cold Storage Doors:

High-speed doors are ideal for cold storage because of the speed they can be fixed to close and open. This means there is no unnecessary loss of cold air. They also can be built with a built-in heater system to make sure that window regions don’t build up ice.

Ideal For Large Openings:

If you have a big open area which needs quick closing and opening then fast action doors are perfect. They can be built to fit dimensions up to 20m, ideal for the easy movement of sizable machinery without distracting the flow of traffic. The self-repairing feature also makes sure against any impact that might take place.  

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