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how to uninstall eset antivirus on mac

September 14, 2017 by Max well  

Eset antiVirus attacks may often leave your Mac unable to function properly. It may sometime make the OS corrupt to the extent of non-performing. To combat the Virus problems, one needs to install a good anti-virus software.

Eset antivirus is one such antivirus software that helps keep your Mac safe from malicious Virus attacks. However sometimes the eset cyber security may not function properly. Then you must uninstall the antivirus from your OS.


To uninstall the anti-virus software, follow the steps mentioned below:

1)   First, you must close al the open ESET windows.

2)   Then go to the Apple icon and select System Preferences and then go to Users & Groups

3)   Click on the administrative user account and then click on Login Items, select an ESET product and then click the minus icon to remove it

4)   Go to Activity Monitor from Applications -> Utilities and Quit all the processes related to ESET Cyber Security to free the CPU space.

5)   Go to Package contents by following the path as Finder   → Applications ESET Cyber Security Contents → Helpers and click Uninstaller.

6)   Click on Uninstall in the Setup window. Click Close in the Uninstallation completed successfully window.

To completely uninstall the application, restart your computer.

Uninstaling ESET Cyber Security using the ESET Cyber Security software

1.    Insert the ESET Cyber Security CD into your computer and double-click the ESET icon  on your Desktop. If  ESET antivirus technical support   has been downloaded from the internet then click the install package in Downloads folder.


2.    Double-click the Uninstall icon and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall ESET Cyber Security.