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Regulatory training can improve the vision of patients with myopia

September 14, 2017 by fengshan  

Eyes are the only way we explore this beautiful time, the eyes in our lives played a big role, myopia is generally seen in our lives a major problem, the current point of view myopia is very complex, especially dial vision Can lead to the emergence of myopia, so that the patient's eyes have been hurt, so friends should learn more about the knowledge of myopia, good nursing work, myopia is expected to recover.



First, the scientific eye

Close with the time should not be too long, every 45-60 minutes to rest 10-15 minutes. Rest must be overlooking, myopia patients to make the eye to adjust the muscles to fully relax. Reading and writing to pay attention to the eye from the book a foot, chest from the table punch, hand from the pen tip inch. Do not read when walking or traveling by car. Do not lie or tummy read.


Second, with eye health

Myopia patients do not watch TV for a long time, play mobile phones and so on. Because of the electronic products of the LED screen with high-energy short-wave blue light, it can penetrate the lens directly to the retina, dial vision lentes causing photochemical damage to people. In the development of young people, it is best on the screen labeled anti-blue film for protection. Close to the eyes when the light to moderate. In most cases the vision loss is related to poor light.


Third, strengthen the movement,Students in the learning stage for a long time close to the eyes, in order to eliminate visual fatigue should be long-term vision, and more to participate in sports activities, enhance physical fitness; do eye exercises, massage the eye around the acupuncture points and muscles, stimulate nerve endings, Around the organization of blood circulation, regulating the metabolism of the eye, so as to achieve the elimination of fatigue, enhance vision, the purpose of prevention of myopia. Supplementary nutrition: eat sweets and spicy food, sugar intake too much in the body's blood environment was acidic, easily lead to reduced blood calcium, affecting the toughness of the eye wall, to promote axial elongation, leading to the occurrence and development of myopia The Reduce the time to play electronic products, the time is because the electronic products lead to myopia soared, play electronic products to pay attention to time, parents of myopia patients should be well controlled, each can not exceed 20 minutes, and the distance to 30 cm or more Caixing.


Fourth, physical exercise,Myopia patients oppression adhere to extracurricular activities, enhance physical fitness, improve health. Not too much indulge in game consoles, computers, television. Pay attention to the use of eye health, whether it is learning or watching TV, watching computers, etc., must pay attention to the use of the eye, the light should be adequate, to rest in time, such as overlooking and so on. Visual examination, regular to myopia correction center to detect vision, found that poor vision of the reasons for timely analysis, to take corrective measures. Diet and more attention to vitamin supplements, usually should give their children to eat some carrots, liver and other foods rich in vitamins, to protect the eyes of good. Posture is correct, let the children follow the correct reading, writing posture, and should have the appropriate light, do not read in too dark or too bright light.