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Give you a natural and unique hairstyle

September 14, 2017 by weianan08  

There are 2 kinds of kinky hair subtypes. First is the tightly coiled S pattern hair. When stretched out, the hair forms an S pattern and has a bit of moisture to it. The second is the tightly coiled Z pattern. This hair forms a Z pattern when stretched has the least amount of moisture of any hair type.

dafni   Simply straight Ceramic Electric hair comb, using 3D ceramic brush head, heat can even, do not damage hair, release million anion, effective anti-static, 1 minutes of rapid heating, with LCD display, 80-230 degrees of temperature free control. Its principle is to heat efficient hot plate through the hair dryer, releasing negative ions to make the hair straight and smooth. dafni ceramic Constant temperature control won't hurt your hair!

There you have it. Ten unique and distinct hair types. Now, knowing this, it should be easier for you to decide exactly what specific type of hair you possess. That is important because you will get better styling results if you work with what nature gave you rather than against it. For example, if you have tight curly hair but you love the look of straight hair, you may not get the best results with a hair straightener.