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7 Useful Tips for Custom Picture Frames

October 7, 2017 by Modus Photography  

There’s a wrong conception amongst people that getting something custom framed is an intimidating task. After all, framing needs lots of decision making, but it’s not that much impossible when you work with a professional well-trained Destin artist. Here are a few recommendations to help you get the perfect frames for your needs:


1. Style of Picture Frame-


While talking of a Picture frame Style does matter. One should give the professional artist a little style info on what he visualizes in the finished frame; hence guide the Artist about the ideas in mind considering the home or space where the art is going to positioned. You can also prefer a clean and modern look, an eclectic blend or more traditional. Leave the rest to the artist as he has more options for you as his experience does bring this value.


2. Your Own Opinion –


Artist should know what exactly you’ve in your mind for the art piece. However, the artist must want to know your ideas which he can bring in to the frame. A professional artist will go a little further and imagine something more beautiful than you thought.


3. Consider the Space –


The art pieces can be dressed up or down. But remember, something hanging in the kitchen must be framed differently than the same going over the fireplace. No matter whether you want to make a style statement or play it cool, just let your artist knows about your framing needs.


4. Think about the Size –


It’s the job of an artist to make sure the frame is strong enough to support everything going inside of the frame. After, they will just want everything to be safe and last much longer on the wall.


5. A Good Frame to Last Lifetime –


Nowadays artists are framing will very likely be an heirloom for kids, wedding memories, beach vacations and much more. It’s highly suggested that one should use a good frame to last a lifetime or even longer. However, it’s obvious that you won’t be framing it; if it’s not important to you. So, take the best care as possible!


6.Know All about Art –


Shape, texture, line, and color are the fundamental features of art pieces. These aspects are highly considered while giving framing suggestions to the Destin artist. After that, you will tell yourself that the frame looks like it was only made just for your piece of art!


7. Open about Diverse Choices –


Sometimes, people prefer to buy a black frame only because every other frame in their room is black. But it’s not true. Your guests or friends won’t notice that all the frames are the same color. They only notice how amazing your piece of art appears with the perfect frame in the perfect color. So, mixing up the color combinations and be open to diverse color options is always a good decision.




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