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Learn About the Basics of Numerology to Predict Your Future

October 12, 2017 by DrPremGupta  

People have associated numbers with both evil and good things over the years. While the number three is considered lucky as it resembles the holy trinity, however the number nine has often been associated with evil beings. But that is far from the truth. Numerology is a science that decodes the vibration or energy of numbers, dates and names to find out more information about it.

Confused? Well, everything vibrates or emanates energy in the Universe at a certain frequency.  Numerology studies this to find out more about the qualities or attributes associated with an individual or a circumstance.


Key areas of Numerology:


When you opt for numerology counselling, there are four key areas that the specialist would concentrate on. These areas determine the course of your past, present and future and reveal useful information. They are:


1.Lifepath number


It is the number that states the journey you are on. The lifepath number reveals your fate; who you are, what you will achieve, the talents you possess and so on. It is the easiest to decipher as it is available by simply calculating your date of birth.


2.Soul Urge number


The soul urge number is concerned with spirituality. It is essentially concerned with the workings of the soul- your values, what you need, etc.  A numerologist will obtain the number by using a chart to assign the vowel of your name and then add them up.


3.Expression number


Expression number reveals your expressive side; it is responsible for revealing the talents and the potential you possess. This particular number is a bit difficult to calculate which is why it is recommended to opt for an experienced numerologist.


4.Karmic number

Karmic number is responsible for stating your dreams, hopes and aspirations that you want to achieve in life. It also states your fears and desires as well. Karmic number is obtained by assigning the consonants present in the name to a chart and adding up the corresponding numbers from it.


Understand the way numerology works:


Before you opt for the best numerology service in Mumbai, it is essential to have an idea about the way it works. There are nine planets which are responsible for influencing an individual’s life and numerology assigns a specific number to each of these planets.

At the moment of birth, an individual is governed by a primary planet and the person starts radiating the vibration of that particular planet. The governed planet is assigned a number which dominates the characteristic habits of that individual and determines the course of action. Numerology paves a way to understand the predetermined destiny and negate the presence of negative energy.


Opting for numerology service in Mumbai ensures you understand your strengths and weaknesses, gain knowledge about new opportunities and influence your overall growth. It presents you with an opportunity to remove possible obstacles and lead a fruitful life. Numerology is definitely an interesting field that sates your future and has been in practice throughout history. So, opt for it and may your future be as bright as the stars!