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Why is Installation of Fire & Smoke Curtains a Must in London?

October 12, 2017 by London Roller Shutter  

Whilst fire is certainly deadly, when a fire takes hold it’s the smoke- not the fire alone- that claims the most lives.


It’s nearly impossible to endure the noxious gases at the time of their emission, building up into a superheated dense blanket of fumes. To get rid of the disastrous consequences of fire, you should install fire and smoke curtains in your premises, be it residential or commercial in London.


Fire and smoke curtains in London can restrict the lateral spread of fire. They are proven to restrict the lethal smoke as well as poisonous gases in the event of a fire. These curtains are considered as the more effective solution when utilized as a part of the smoke control system.


If you want to know more about fire and smoke curtains in London, please take a look at following unique specialties of these retardant curtains:




Improved Level of Safety –


Safety is the key feature you should consider when it comes to installation of fire and smoke curtains in London. These curtains are certified with 2005 Fire Safety Order BS5588-12 standard.


They are specifically designed with coated fiberglass material to withstand the spread of fire for up to four hours.  Thus, you can prevent the flow of smoke and fire from an area to another. This way, people in the building can get time to evacuate without being affected by smoke or fumes.


Accessible During Emergencies –


Though it’s possible to install fire and smoke curtains with guide-rails, you can install them in such a way that they will overlap simply with the surrounding wall.  Hence, they can be effortlessly pushed aside to allow access during an emergency.


Both smoke and fire curtains are the ideal option to crowded or public buildings – easy escape routes are desirable.


Legislation –


Both business owners and employers have a responsibility to provide sufficient fire protection wherever it’s practically  possible.  Safe measures like installing fire and smoke curtains go a long way towards helping business premises comply with the UK legislation as provided by the government.


Aesthetics –


The smoke and fire curtains fit into a slim box that keeps out of your way above the hatches or doors, dropping automatically only when it’s required (linked to the alarm system).


Convenience –


The subtle design of fire and smoke curtains make it perfect the areas where space plays a key role. For instance, hospitals could benefit from this type of fire and smoke protection as heavy fire doors or shutters require guide rails and frames that minimize the corridor width.


Tamper-proof –


Fire and smoke curtains are fully stowed out of view when not in use. It makes difficult for patrons to tamper or hinder their performance, making them tamper-proof.


Invisible –


Fire and smoke curtains have concealed design. When not used, both smoke and fire curtain assemblies are invisible virtually as they recess into the walls or the ceiling.


Conclusion –


The use of fire and smoke curtains can protect your building from fire flames or smoke damage that would otherwise get out of control. Place the order for fire and smoke curtains in London at LondonRollerShutters.com and prepare yourself for your smoke and fire hazards.

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