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How To Build A Duelist In Path Of Exile

December 28, 2017 by FUT16coin  

Path of Exile, also known as PoE, is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. If you are a Path of Exile player, and you are totally new to the game, how do you build a duelist? 

The Duelist is Path of Exile's strength/dexterity hybrid class, making him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. He can effectively use a shield, but is equally comfortable slashing away with a powerful two-hander or fighting with weapons in both hands. His powerful arms can draw the strings of the heaviest and most lethal longbows. His highly honed reflexes give him a cat-like ability to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or axe swings. The Duelist is a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is well deserved.

The equipment associated with the Duelist's strength and dexterity are Helmets, Scale/Bridagines/Doublets/Lamellar, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Boots, and Round Shields.

The playstyle is basically a fast attacking melee character wielding two weapons. You dash from one pack of monsters to another, dish out your damage to literally explode them (more later) and dash towards the next pack of monsters. You use a bit more skills as you go, especially against bosses, but ultimately you have 1 Attack, 2 Movement Skills and 2-3 Supporting Skills. During Leveling, you use another Attack, bringing you up to 2 different attacking skills. This is, to make leveling more smooth and not having to bother with the downsides your main attack has early on.

Gear is actually easy to come by for this character. Your weapons of choice are swords and axes. In the beginning, you take the strongest axe or sword you can find and go with that. Luckily, this build does not use advanced types of damaging, so you can go for your Tooltip DPS to see what's actually the most damage. Because you will be taking some resistance nodes in the skill tree you will have easier time capping your resists (75%) and will not need special gear. A little bit resists on some pieces, not even all of them, will easily net you all you need. 

Therefore, mostly you will try to get items with HP and a little bit of resistances. Physical Damage is nice to have, if you can get it, but it's not essential. Try to get your body armour strength based. Str-based armour has the easiest time rolling red sockets, and you need those for your main attack.

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