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FIFA Mobile,Rich in Content and Fun

January 13, 2018 by eacgamecom  

FIFA Mobile is the mobile edition of FIFA 18 designed for Android and iOS mobile devices the Windows Phone version was no longer supported now. FIFA Mobile endowed with the basic modes of FIFA 18 including FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA Mobile,Rich in Content and Fun

Do not expect of course to have the same graphics on the console because on this version for smartphone is very small. In exchange however EA Sports has introduced many more content that make this game really tireless.

In fact you can complete campaigns or daily and weekly events which will allow you to get credits players and even FIFA Points. Do not miss the League vs League mode which is a challenge between two teams of 4 6 10 14 16 or 32 players.

Are you a fan of soccer video games and would you never want to stop playing? Do you have a console with FIFA 18 and would like to take it with you away from home to continue playing? FIFA Mobile is the right solution for you.

Available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play FIFA Mobile is one of the most downloaded games at the moment. In fact this title will allow you to play without limits to your favorite football game wherever you are. The only things you need are a smartphone and an internet connection.

In addition you will have many more chances to include big names in your team thanks to the events but also to some gifts that EA Sports gives to its users.

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