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Defense Is More Important Than Offense In Path Of Exile

March 7, 2018 by FUT16coin  

Path of Exile is very unforgiving when it comes to poor character defense, so being able to survive is a vital part of the experience. Collectors of path of exile currency may know, defense is arguably much more important than offense in Path of Exile and each character must have a way to survive.

There are 3 main defenses that go on top of your life, Armour, Evasion, and Energy shield. On top of that, you also have 3 Elemental resistances (Fire, Lightning, and Cold) and Chaos resistance. Elemental resistances start with 0% and as you progress, more resistance is needed for them to be capped. Capped resistances is a must for every character that goes into the late game.

1. Armour (associated with strength):

Lots of melee characters have armour as their primary source of damage mitigation - some combine it with block chance, which is another way to avoid taking damage but requires shield or dual wielding weapons. Also, Granite Flasks and Basalt Flasks are extremely useful when used in combination with armour. In terms of reliability, armour would be the most consistent defensive mechanism.

2. Evasion (associated with dexterity):

Evasion is another way to avoid damage - it is mostly used by ranged characters that do not expect being hit a lot. Combined with Acrobatics keystone in the Passive skill tree, evasion gives you pretty high chance to avoid taking any damage at all, but it's one of the most unreliable defensive mechanics - that's why it's not as popular in hardcore.

3. Energy shield (associated with intelligence): 

Characters that used Energy Shield as their form of defense relied on it as very high effective hp. Combine that with Granite Flask and Basalt Flask and you still have a good amount of armour with extremely high effective hp. 

There are more ways to avoid damage, block (your character blocks incoming attack and does not take damage from it), dodge/spell dodge - these are usually used as extra layers of defense on top of one of the previously mentioned defense mechanisms. Keeping an eye on buy poe items, you will get more gains.