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As a new style of flying car game

March 18, 2018 by fifapointlol  

As a new style of flying car game, "Rocket League" is attracting a lot of players with novel gameplay and exquisite graphics. In the "game Oscar", it beat NBA2K, FIFA and other sports/racing games to become the black horse, attracting more and more fans to join the big family of "Rocket League" Rocket League Keys. As the highest level event of "Rocket League", the RLCS ("Rocket League" international championship) attracted the participation of the players.


RLCS has become one of the most influential events in the international electricity competition since its first season in early 2016. Tournament prize pool not only by the initial $75000 to $350000 today, the number is up to ten times the growth, in the third season of the international finals, "Rocket League" the number of people watching on the foreign broadcast platform Twitch helicopter is the first place! And the RLCS's S4 season, as China's leading game live platform, douyu TV, penguin e-sports will also be broadcast live Rocket League Crates.


On November 11, the global finals of the "Rocket League" international championship will begin. Who will win the crown, who will stand at the top of the RLCS podium, please wait and see.