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Promote the differentiation process NEC introduced a number of new 4K industrial monitors

April 16, 2018 by bai qiang  

As a leader in the high-end professional display industry, NEC has always been at the forefront of the brand, dedicated to providing more professional display services for the industry, and the first to introduce a multi-level brightness, multi-size, positioning large-screen 4K display without the market .

Recently, NEC launched its full range of new 4K large-screen displays, including the C series - 4K standard project display, V series - 4K professional engineering display, P series - 4K flagship engineering display, covering 65-inch, 75-inch, 86-inch , 98-inch, including a number of large size, brightness coverage 350nit-700nit. The three series can fully meet the needs of high, medium and low grades for displays in all walks of life. 2SD2017

NEC4K monitors use industrial-grade panels and components. The surface of the panels are all equipped with anti-glare technology, which can greatly reduce the impact of external ambient light on viewing. And the metal shell is more robust and can effectively shield electromagnetic interference and prevent deformation after long-term use. murata

NEC launched a full range of 4K new products using a 4K resolution LCD panel up to 3840×2160, built-in open OPS platform and Raspberry Pi platform, and private Garnet messaging platform, which greatly increased the application of the display. In addition, the monitor also has built-in SpectraView professional color processing chip, with a professional color grade color correction system, can easily and quickly achieve color management. At the same time, highly scalable interfaces and various installation methods can meet the needs of various industry solutions.