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Top 10 Essential Things to Know Before Visiting China

May 25, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Since China opened its door to the world has experienced a rapid growth and change in the economy. In the current phase, more and more visitors flock to this ancient country to witness its rich history and a glimpse of bright future.

With modernization many amenities are available but there are still few hurdles left that might catch the unaware and unprepared.  Hopefully, the list below will help you explore more, this wonderfully challenging and beautiful country.

1. Passport & Visa

The first and foremost thing is China does not offer visas on arrival. So beforehand arrange your China tourist visa or China business visa well in advance!

For Chinese tourist visa, you need to provide either letter invitation from a Chinese relative or friend or detailed itinerary of your trip including confirmed hotel bookings and return flights. For China work visa, you need employment permit issued by the hiring company.

Visa can be applied in person at Chinese consulate or can hire Fast Passports and Visas to get your work done smoothly.

2.  Cash is Better

With digitalization, large bigger businesses now accept Master or Visa card, most accepted one is UnionPay.

However, most part you travel in China, ask for cash payment. Be prepared with your cash!

3. Recognizes Only Own Currency

The official currency is YUAN, also called RMB or ‘quai’.  Chinese businesses accept no other currency, not even US dollar or Pound.

4. Inform your Bank about China Visit

After getting your China business visa or tourist visa, inform your bank, so as to use credit or debit card over there.   This avoids card issues amid the trip for unusual transactions.

5. Don’t Tip

Work cultures vary with place and remember Chinese do not tip and same is expected from the visitors.

6. Use your Haggling Skills

When shopping on streets or small stores and boutiques, it’s time to try out your haggling skills. With smart negotiation, it’s possible to get souvenirs at a fraction of the quoted price.

7. A Translator

Carry your passport and a translator if you want any banking assistance. As very few bank employees have sufficient knowledge of English but you can find English speaker on staff in bigger cities like Beijing or Shanghai.

8. Travel Insurance

Though China is a safe country with low crime rate, it’s good to be prepared. Remember, if you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Act smart; insure your valuable stuff like camera, mobile, laptop, etc.

9. Get to the airport early

Maybe your China work visa or tourist visa or passport or tickets are all sorted, still, it’s to advisable to reach China airport early three hours early for international flights and two hours early for domestic. As the Chinese airports are chaotic and overcrowded, so you’ll be grateful for that extra time.

10. Water & Food in China

In most parts of China, water is not drinkable. So better to carry your bottle or get them very cheaply at most restaurants and stores.

Chinese food is delectable and found everywhere! It’s easy to decide where to eat, just check where the locals are dining. The queue is likely to be a safer bet! 

China is a big country with rich history, huge cultural distinction, a big business market, and variety of landscapes to explore – don’t limit your boundaries whether its adventure, work or business. To know more about China Work Visa, tourist visa or business visa, Algeria business visa, etc., visit www.fastpassportsandvisas.com