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Seek relevant tips and tricks to fix Mozilla Thunderbird attachment problem expeditiously

June 13, 2018 by Amyfedrick  

Mozilla Thunderbird is now available with the updated version of its webmail services are being used via various users across the world. It is considerably simple to use on a various mobile device like iPhone, Mac, Android, and much more. It works like normal webmail account and highly utilizes with the help of apps that can be installed on laptop and mobile devices with ease.


How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird attachment problem?


Sometimes the users face attachment problem with the Mozilla Thunderbird while sending a message. If you are really one of them and getting the same issue at this, you are required to check out the service of email configuration that is being used at the time of sending and receiving the emails. It is necessary to go to the tools and select the option and find out the attachment document tab. You need to press enable the button if there is disable button showing on the screen.


If despite it, if the same problem is persisting, you need to go to the hidden option as sometimes you have enabled the service but due to hidden its service, you cannot select the attachment document to send to your attachment mail to the clients. Go to the show all body parts option and select install and configuration option to perform the steps as per the showing on-screen instructions.


Contact techies to fix the problems first of all:


Having completed the task if still there is an error and you are not active with the mind to take any instant action you need to visit at Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service center where you can share your problem with tech support team that is available over there at every certain point of the time to get the issue fixed easily.