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Flush Syphons Help Proper Functioning Of Toilet Flush

June 13, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Usually we get annoyed and frustrated when the toilet flush does not function properly and we keep on spending hours and days in pushing on the handle resulting nothing! But there is a simple solution to that i.e. a toilet flush syphon.


Syphon is a type of flush valve that operates as an internal plunger which means when you press the handle the syphon pushes water up and down within the syphon tube using a one way diaphragm.


Then the water passes through a folding diaphragm washer before passing over the outlet of the syphon. This in turn helps the syphon suck more water from the cistern. From here the gravity takes over and continues drawing out remaining water until the cistern empties completely. Once the cistern is emptied the syphon breaks.


Features of toilets with flush syphons:

  • Water surface area is larger
  • Water level is high in bowl
  • Trap way is long and narrow with a S-shape
  • Bowl base is Longer


Advantages of toilets with flush syphons:

  • Cleaner bowl with lesser possibility of skid spots
  • Powerful yet quieter flush
  • Saves water with lesser consumption
  • Free from odors

Disadvantage of Toilets with Flush Syphons:

  • Bigger in size


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