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How to Solve and Avoid Brother Printer Paper Jams?

June 13, 2018 by HP Support  

When paper jamming issue occurs, few printers flash lights at you and cry for help. You need to check where the jam is and provide support on clearing the blockage. If your printer provides a diagnostic suggestion, you should follow it. Also, you must take time to check the printer’s documentation for assistance in clearing jams. Here, we are going to explain few important instructions which are given below:-

•          Turn off Brother printer-

If you want to work inside the printer, you do not want to face any trouble with electricity or moving parts. And if you are dealing with a laser printer, you do not want the fuser to generate extra heat.  If the paper is jammed near the fuser unit, you have to wait for the fuser to cool down before clearing the jam. If you are not capable of solving this issue, you can take Brother Printer Help from printer experts.

•          Open all doors-

If you are unable to tell which door goes to the paper path, begin just by eliminating or opening the input tray and following the paper path all the ways to output tray, so opening every door or panel that you can find along with the way.

•          Draw out paper scraps and sheets-

Check carefully for paper sheets or scraps which are stuck in the tray.  Draw out paper of the path determinedly but very slowly and carefully. Pull paper in the direction which should be normal condition not backward that could worry the printer’s mechanics. You should take proper care to eliminate all of the papers. Check carefully if any torn piece of paper is left into the tray that may be cause of jamming once again.

•          Close all the doors & turn on brother printer-

Once switched on, Brother Printer must reset itself automatically. If your printing machine is displaying the message again that it is still jammed, make double check for torn paper pieces or paper scraps and immediately you need to close all the doors again.  If the printing device continues to complain, you should turn off it and then come to back on immediately.

If the paper jamming error is continuing, you have to call for the services and for repairing the device rightly. You can take help from printer experts through Brother Printer Customer Service Number +1-800-462-5143 in very short period of time.


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