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Top Five Reasons for a Faulty Garage Door that Needs Repair

June 25, 2018 by Maryland Garage Door  

Most families use their garage about three to four times a day and this indicates the garage door will go up and down about thousands of times every year. Hence there are a lot of opportunities for any troubles to be happened if it has not been taken care of properly at regular interval. Commercial and residential garage door service professionals truly deal with much garage door issues every day when it comes to door repair or installation. There are several reasons, it is ideal to leave the garage door repair up to the professionals. Some of the reasons that causes a faulty garage door:



Transmitting battery is dead:
A garage door transmitter needs the power to work and if the batteries in your transmitter are dead then it may fail to send the operating signal to the door. If it happens then take a help of Garage Door Repair service in Gaithersburg MD for replacing the old batteries making sure the transmitter works accurately.


Photo-eye is out of alignment:
Photo-eye transmits an invisible beam that detects if anything is in the garage door’s path when it closes! If you notice this security system is not working properly then consult the Garage Door Repair service in Gaithersburg MD immediately for its remedy. The technicians have the best knowledge to handle the situation. The expert Garage Door Repair professionals diagnose the problem with ease. They align both the eyes match if necessary, cleaning the photo-eye with proper care not to rub the photo-eye since it’s made of sensible glass.


Improper track alignment:
The best function of your garage door depends upon the best-aligned garage door tracks. If you find gaps between the rollers and rail, or garage door track is out of alignment or bends in the rails themselves, it can be a serious issue that needs the immediate action of a Garage Door Repair service in Gaithersburg MD. Professional technitians have the essential equipment to safely realign and repair your garage door, and if the situation is beyond repair they can re-install a new garage door track for you.


Fault in transmitter:
Few issues with transmitters might cause the garage door not working properly. Again if you find that your garage door opens and closes randomly when you’re not even hitting the button, call a garage door repair service in Gaithersburg MD to come, help you to fix it or replace it. The process of transmitters operation may vary depending on your specific garage door model. The expert repair team can fully reset and reprograms your remote, so your door transmitters should do its job appropriately again in no time.


Broken spring:
Springs can only be used for a certain number of operating cycles, and over the period of time they will eventually break and need replacement. If you find your garage door all of a sudden won’t go up and the transmitters are working properly and power is getting to the motor, then it may cause broken torsion springs. Garage doors can be very heavy and come with single or double heavy-duty springs to lift it. If any of the spring is banged, the garage door opener may need great effort to lift the weight of the door or sometimes fails to open the door. Call a professional garage door repair service in Gaithersburg MD as these can be very dangerous to work with.



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