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Who are the best 5 packers and movers Mumbai?

July 5, 2018 by charlotte kristy  

Once the movers unload your last box, their job has ended, but your work has just begun. You now have to undergo the process of getting settled into your new place. Not only will you have to unpack all of those boxes the movers unloaded, but you will also have to complete a number of other things before you can call your house a home. Here is a checklist to help make the process easier.


1. Inspect all of your major appliances and electronics to make sure they weren't damaged during transport. You will likely be under a time limit to file a claim with your insurance company packers and movers mumbai. Most of these items are necessary for daily living so you will want to do this inspection right away.


2. Make sure all of your services are working, including electricity, gas, water, cable or satellite and telephone.


3. Place all of the receipts and documents related to moving in a single file so you can find them quickly if you need them. And you will need them at the end of the year when you file your taxes.


4. If you have kids, locate their school and register them. Doing this early in the process will help them get acclimated more quickly.


5. Register your vehicle and get your new license.


6. At the same time as you get your new license, register to vote.


7. Subscribe to the local newspaper so you can begin to get familiar with what is going on in your community.


8. Verify that your address has been changed with your previous post office. Make sure you have let everyone know that you have moved.


9. Locate a new doctor, dentist and veterinarian.


10. Establish new bank accounts and have money transferred if necessary. You should also order new checks that are printed with your new address.


11. Transfer your insurance policies to your new location. This includes homeowner's, automobile and health insurance policies. Your previous company might not operate in your new area so you might have to do some research to get a new policy with a new company for one or more of these policies.


12. Go to the local library and get everyone in your family his or her own card movers and packers mumbai. If you have small children, start checking out books that will help them understand their new home.


13. Keep in contact with friends from your old neighborhood, especially your children's friends. They will realize that they haven't really said goodbye and will be more willing to settle in to a new routine as well.


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