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Top Business Ideas to Make Money in Ghana

July 30, 2018 by News Ghana  

Several African countries today join the main stream economy of the world. They are marching ahead with the help of wealthy developed countries like China, USA, and France etc. Ghana is one of the fast developing African nations and it is blessed with huge natural resources. Having stereotypes not to use its own natural resources, has earned a poor reputation of this country.

However, now the situation has changed and there is several business options are mushrooming. In order to, make your investment, now Ghana has a perfect atmosphere. Its economy and purchasing power of Ghanaian, is increasing gradually. If you want to establish a business, here are several solid business ideas.

Business ideas those will make your fortune in Ghana

PC sale and repairing along with software business

African countries including Ghana, is getting its foot step with rest of the world with the help of IT. Ghanaians are now showing their interest to learn computer and internet. If you have proper technical knowledge, you can start computer selling and repairing business. Apart from that, now there are various internet based services like web designing, development, different type of mobile app development, SEO, Bulk SMS service, are getting a boost. People in Ghana, are quite interested in these highly advanced jobs.

Exporting Agriculture products

As previously said, Ghana is blessed with plenty of natural resources and most of these natural resources are now the main material for some of the finished products. Each day, you can see, several tons of raw materials including different type of food products being exported to several countries in the world. But, the bitter truth is, the demand is yet to meet. If you have capital to invest, easily you can become an exporter. It is quite simple to get registered at Ghana Import and Export Promotion Council. After your registration, there will be no lacuna to become an exporter.


Livestock is booming in Ghana. There are millions of Ghanaians are in a need to eat their first meals. To meet their demand, you can start livestock farming. Some people still following the conventional method of farming, therefore, they won’t able to meet the market demand. Lack of knowledge on modern farming and poor equipments are the main reason for such hindering result. If you have knowledge in this sector and have latest equipment, it will be best for you to start livestock farming.

Private refinery

You can get plenty of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector. If you have technical knowledge, you can easily establish a private crude oil refinery. Most of the petroleum product using in Ghana, mainly come from other countries. In this way, if you can establish a refinery, it will come with a great output. It needs high amount of capital with proper research. Once you have established a refinery, it will start with proper output.


Ghana is full with mineral resources. Apart from lucrative gold, here you can find diamond, bauxite, iron and different type of required materials. It has been constantly expanding because, Ghanaian government changed some major policies those will favor mining and oil sector. If you have enough capital and equipped with proper manpower with latest equipment, this is the right sector to invest. You may know how much demand of such type of wealthy minerals in international market. Investing in this sector is truly a smart move.

Ghana is marching ahead and this is the time to be a part of its growth story. In order make a bright business future, you shouldn’t shy away to invest its booming sector. In order to get deep knowledge on Ghana’s economy, read Ghana Business NewsThrough this magazine, you’ll get a clear picture about Ghana and its booming economy.