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10 FAQs to Ask Before Booking a Virginia Beach Wedding Venue

August 10, 2018 by Virginia Beach Wedding Company  

When it comes to wedding planning in Virginia Beach, no matter how often you’ve done before includes a lot of questions about how and when certain things should be completed. It can be stressful enough; but on top of all the questions going through your head, you then check out Virginia Beach wedding venues and realize you don’t know even what to ask.

To help you out, here are a few frequently asked questions you can ask before booking your wedding venue in Virginia Beach:

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1. What about their services?

Understanding what’s included in their Virginia Beach wedding packages can help you know your options beforehand. More often all-inclusive beach wedding packages in Virginia come with wedding coordination, flowers, the wedding décor, photography, professional wedding officiant, etc.

Make sure you discuss whether they provide DIY set-up packages that cover all details before booking so you know exactly what they’ll be responsible for!

2. How long they need to set up everything?

Like almost every question in FAQs list, it changes for every venue; but you should have at least two hours to set up everything before the wedding. Be sure to ask your wedding venue as it is just a generalization; so it might be different for every place.

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3. Do they provide their preferred vendors list? If so, do you have to stick to that list?

Most of the Virginia Beach wedding venues have their preferred list of vendors. Ask whether you have to stick to those vendors or you can choose your own wedding vendors as per your preferences. Most wedding venues welcome couples to bring in any vendor they would like.

4. How will your guests get there?


Find out whether the Virginia Beach wedding venue is accessible and also the parking options available. Knowing the transportation facilities can allow you book your wedding transport prior to the wedding date.

5. How do you hold your date?

The question that every couple should ask once you’ve completely fallen in love with your wedding venue in Virginia Beach. Some wedding venues will need a deposit to hold the particular date and others will hold it complementary for a specific amount of time.

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Do you have a specific date in mind? It’s highly recommended to ask if you can hold on it and what is exactly required to book the space while you’re in the process of looking everything over!

6. What about their payment schedule?
Payment schedule differs from a venue to other. Remember that, any venues won’t require everything to be paid in one lump sum. No matter what, you should feel free to talk about finances with your wedding venue.
7. When do they need all final numbers and details?
This is an important question that should be asked before booking your wedding venue in Virginia Beach. After all, it’s important that each and every single wedding detail should be taken care on time.

Therefore, you should ask when they will need all final numbers, décor selections tec. It will make the planning so much easier if they know beforehand when your venue will need all of this information and can save you some hefty late fees. So be sure to ask them.

8. How far do you book?
It’s really up to you and how picky you are with the specific date, day, or the timing of your wedding. If you’re flexible, you don’t need to worry about booking far in advance as you can find a weekend that works both for you and your venue.
Again, if you want it on a specific date, then just go head and try to book early so you can be sure to get that date. A good rule of thumb is to book at least a year in advance!
9. What if the bad weather impacts your wedding?
This is the question that every people should ask, especially for outdoor wedding before booking a venue. Know whether the wedding venue will do everything in their ability to make it happen and ensure everything goes as planned. After all, you don’t want to postpone a wedding due to bad weather; so it’s always good to ask prior to booking.
10. Do you need to hire a wedding coordinator?
The possible answers to this question are pretty cut and dry. Some wedding venues will need you at least a professional wedding coordinator for the big day. However, most wedding venues can offer you all-inclusive beach wedding packages in Virginia including wedding coordination services. So, you don’t even need to work with another company to coordinate your wedding.
Final Consideration –
Wedding planning can be stressful. It’s obvious that you sometimes just don’t know the questions to ask wedding vendors. We really hope the above discussed list of FAQs help you with booking your wedding venue. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to speak up.

We at Virginia Beach Wedding Company rather ask all of the questions upfront than to be confused down the road. If you have any queries regarding Virginia Beach wedding packages, please visit .
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