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Pet Blowing Machine Design Is More User-Friendly

September 18, 2018 by preform nicole  

By using advanced machinery and technology, China's Pet Bottle Preform mold suppliers can launch higher quality products faster. China's mold industry is investing in measures to increase overall capacity. The company is introducing advanced equipment and technology from Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan. In addition to improving product quality, the machine is capable of producing 65-inch TV housings and 2-meter generator blades, as well as molds for electric vehicles and solar panel assemblies below 2 microns.
The imported equipment currently in use is a CNC lathe, die casting machine and drilling machine. Taiwan's CNC lathes have a repeatability of 1 to 5 microns, so they can produce very precise parts. In contrast, locally manufactured units can only reach 10 microns. In addition, the problem of poor surface finish of the domestic molding machine mold also affects the quality of the finished product. At the same time, advanced technology not only improves efficiency, but also shortens the lead time. As a result, more and more mid-sized companies follow the footsteps of large companies, integrating CAD / CAM / CAE, 3D and high-speed machining technology.
In addition to introducing state-of-the-art equipment, mold and mold companies add value to the services they provide to their customers. Midsize and moldmakers are developing new molds to showcase their products to finished product suppliers, rather than relying solely on the buyer's design and specifications. Other manufacturers are expanding into different areas of the production chain, becoming a one-stop shop for buyers. In addition to mold manufacturing, transceivers and other communication devices are assembled using internal components. Anodizing and screen printing are also available. By doing so, the company is able to offer lower offers because the molds and parts do not need to be outsourced.
More plastic mold manufacturers are also paying close attention to the quality of materials. In the past, many molds showed some defects or deterioration due to the use of incorrect or unqualified raw materials. For example, a mold designed for 10 years has been broken in 7 years. Suppliers are now using high purity, high density and uniform materials to ensure the quality of the mold. A more user-friendly pet blowing machine is also used to blow the mold, enabling the mold product to have a longer life.