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How to extract potato starch?

October 11, 2018 by cassava processing machine  

The potato is a good material for how to extract potato starch because it has a high starch content, but contains less protein and fat, and the starch content is 15-25%. Some unique properties of potato starch are not replaceable by other starches, so they are widely used in the food industry. Meanwhile because of their good edible properties, they are more widely used in the field of starch processing industry.

potato starch processing machine (2)

How to extract potato starch

Here is the detail analysis of how to extract potato starch
1. Raw material choosing and receiving: As the first section for how to extract potato starch, the raw material choosing plays an important role in the final starch quality. The breaken potato is easy to rot which will influence the other good materials. Therefore it will be better to choose high quality potato without damage, no deterioration and no moth. Then the chosen potatos are hauled to the storage yard after being weighed.

2. Cleaning and washing: The cleanness of the material have an vital influence on the end products, therefore the cleaning and washing section are important for how to extract potato starch. In this section the attached sand, dirt, weed, soil and other debris of potato are first cleaned in dry sieve and then washed by rotary washing machine. Then the cleaned potato enters into rotary washing machine for further wash the outer impurities. Then the potato is storaged in clean silo waiting for further processing in potato starch processing plant.


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Potato washing machine

3. Grinding: Grinding plays an important role for how to extract potato starch for it determines the starch yield. DOING rasper is a high efficient potato starch processing machine with high grinding coefficient and high extraction rate.

4. Separating and desanding: After crushing, the fiber, protein, cell sap and other materials are released from cell wall for how to extract potato starch. Therefore the separating is needed to separate starch from fiber and other impurities. Separating process mainly remove fiber from starch. And the mainly machine contains centrifuge sieve. After that, the potato starch slurry is pumped by a screw pump into a desander to remove sand particles.

5. Concentration and refining: The starch slurry from the desander unit is transferred to the multi-stage concentration and refining unit. For how to extract potato starch, hydrocyclone station is mainly used for this process. The process water is pumped in from the other end of the hydrocyclone station to wash the starch in a countercurrent way. Usually a full process includes the concentration, recycling and refining of starch milk.

starch dewatering machine (4)

Potato starch dewatering machine

6.Dewatering: Vacuum filter is a extensively used dewatering machine which is mainly for reducing the water content of starch milk for how to extract potato starch. After dewatering, the water content in starch milk is 38%-40%. DOING vacuum filter can achieve continuous automatic production, which ensures a cleaning production environment.

7.Drying and packing: After dewatering, the wet starch is transported to the flash dryer for drying fro how to extract potato starch. The flash dryer takes use of the negative press principle to dry the wet starch which can effectively control the loss of the starch. And the last potato starch processing machine is semi-automatic packaging machine. It can save labors for the factory.


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