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How to make tapioca flour from cassava?

October 15, 2018 by cassava processing machine  

As a major cassava processed product, the cassava starch are processed after a serious of complicated procedure. For the question of how to make tapioca flour from cassava, the used machine for the process includes the dry sieve, the paddle wash machine, the cassava peeling machine, the rasper, the centrifuge sieve, the fine fiber sieve, the dis separator , the hydrocyclone station , the vacuum filter and the flash dryer.

cassava starch production line (11)

How to make tapioca flour from cassava

1. Choosing: In the processing of how to make tapioca flour from cassava, it is vital to complete the whole process within the shortest time possible, since as soon as the roots have been dug up, as well as during each of the subsequent stages of manufacture, enzymatic processes are apt to develop with a deteriorating effect on the quality of the end product. This calls for the short processing time, or in other words, high efficient cassava starch processing machine. Thus, while simple in principle, the manufacture of a good cassava starch requires great care.

2. Washing and cleaning: The firstly used equipment for how to make tapioca flour from cassavais the dry sieve which is mainly used for removing sand, small stones, dirt and other attached impurities from cassava. The dry sieve is designed with reasonable rotating speed which ensures a stable running and reduce the damage to material. After cleaning, the cassava will be washed in the paddle washing machine. This cassava starch extraction equipment adopts the countercurrent washing principle. In this way, the cassava in the washing tank flows in the reverse direction against the water, thus the cassava is washed thoroughly.

3. Grating: After that, the cassava will be grated by the rasper for the process of how to make tapioca flour from cassava. The rasper introduces the new technology of the German and the Sweden which is an important achievement of Doing company cooperate with the advanced technology.

cassava grinding machine (10)

Cassava grating machine

4. Separating: The cassava slurry contains many impurities, such as fiber, protein and cell sap. They need to be separated from starch for how to make tapioca flour from cassava. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are the separating machine serves for separating fiber from starch. In cassava starch processing plant, we normally use four to five stage centrifuge sieve in order to achieve better separation effect. Fine fiber sieve is a low speed centrifugal machine which is mainly for removing fine fiber out of starch. Normally, after the separation of these two machine, the fiber can be effectively removed.

5.Concentrating and refining: After separating, the starch slurry still need to be concentrated and refined. In this section for how to make tapioca flour from cassava, the mainly used cassava starch extraction equipment is hydrocyclone station. The main function of hydrocyclone is to remove the fine fiber, protein and cell sap out of starch slurry to make the final starch meet the standard. The hydrocyclone station is composed of several units(the unit number depends on customer's needs) connected in series. The hydrocyclone pipe of DOING is made from material of strengthened nylon.

6. Dehydrating: And the next machine for how to make tapioca flour from cassava is the peeler centrifuge which is a widely used starch dehydration machine. Due to this cassava starch processing machine absorbs the foreign and domestic advanced technology, it offers high dewatering rate.

flash dryer (18)

Cassava starch drying machine

7. Drying and packing: This is the final processing procedure for how to make tapioca flour from cassava. The dewatered cassava starch enters into flash dryer by feed conveyor and mixs with the high speed hot air flow, and the drying process is completed in just a few seconds by heat exchange. After that, the dryed cassava starch are packed into 25kg or 50kg according to different requirements.

Doing Company is a professional cassava deep processing equipment manufacturer. Our engineer can provide professional solution for how to make tapioca flour from cassava. Should you have any interest in cassava deep processing equipment and cassava starch processing plant, welcome to contact us.

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