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A-Z of Cosmetic Tattooing Training in Australia

November 8, 2018 by michellepana  

If you are an aspirant make-up artist looking for courses to enhance your overall knowledge and skill, then learning the new cosmetic techniques of microbladding and brow modification will come handy. To break the common notion regarding microbladding that it is only meant for brows is baseless. Microbaldding technique can be undergone in lips, eyeliners, and eyebrows. Therefore it can change the whole facial outlook and uplift to the next level.

Well, Michelle Pana, one of the renowned names in the cosmetic industry has started an initiative to provide education regarding every procedure of microbladding and brow modification. Some of the critical distinction of the cosmetic tattooing training in Melbourne, given by Michelle Pana is listed below. You can choose the right kind of training service to opt for:

Phibrow microbladding: It is a special procedure to put a beautiful design on your bows. It is undergone by inserting latex on the inside of the skin and manually placing and designing the hair on it. The outcome looks completely natural and can remain intact for a year. It is a part of microbladding education, and due to current demand in the cosmetic industry it is a significant advantage to learn it, from the very best institute in Australia.

Phishading: PhiShading training is a special part of Michelle’s cosmetic tattooing training in Melbourne. It is a unique form of technique done manually. It is undergone with the addition of traditional from of microblading. It is required for adding dimension to brows that lacks natural hair. A person mostly requires Phishading if they have semi-oily skin in T-zone or throughout the face. The whole process is done by applying tiny dots of pigment, to the upper layer of the dermis using proper sterilized tools.

Solid brow training: Solid brow training is needed for giving a more defined, solid appearance with more long-lasting. If the solid brow procedure has undergone appropriately on the client, he or she will require the minimal number of re-touching for clear displays. You will be trained here to use solid brow for density and appropriate use of hair-strokes over the top, to give a light, realistic texture like appearance.

Lash enhancement: Eyelash line enhancement training is given to design and create an effect of darker eyelashes. The fundamental difference between eyelash line enhancements and permanent eyeliner look is the effect of density. Eyelash line enhancement is undergone by inserting one thin line of pigment in between the eyelashes to create thicker, darker and fuller lashes. It’s mainly a tattoo on your eyelid that is done by a high-tech tattoo gun.

Eyeliner: This particular form of training is required to give your clients a much bolder appearance. The USP of the eyeliner is it provides more defined eyes, and with correct placement, it can create the impression of an eye-lift.

You also get extra training sessions to get brief lessons of colour corrections and various kinds of touch-ups. You will also be getting the latest info about the products and new tutorials for your learning as per your convenience.


These are the A-Z of the training courses offered by one of the best institutes for cosmetic tattooing training in Melbourne, i.e. Michelle Pana. This specially designed course includes all form of tattooing procedures, and the certificate will help you get a reputed job in some of the best salon chains in Australia and abroad. There is no age for learning new things it is only the commitment that matters at the end.