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FIFA 19 Bugs And Errors

November 10, 2018 by venynx  

fifa ultimate team coins is finally back. The wait is over, the fans can then challenge each other in the many ways provided. This game, over the years, has been increasingly perfected, both in terms of playability and as regards the graphics inherent to players and stadiums. There are curiosities and errors, often also nice to see. The most curious is definitely the one concerning Peter Cech. The Arsenal goalkeeper, for some years, plays with a protective helmet. The game, of course, faithfully reports the 'look' of the Czech in the field and, even in FIFA, Cech plays with the protective helmet. The curious thing is Cech portrayed at the time of the negotiations with his helmet on his head.
Mbappé is too fast! At the age of 20, he has already won a World Cup. The myth of Kylian Mbappé exploded at Monaco. It is simply a phenomenon. But in FIFA 19, Mbappé, it is even unattainable. In fact, in the game, the talented French striker is practically impossible to stop and, on the web, circulate some videos in which players walk the ball to the foot with undisturbed Mbappé. If you meet him, then, needless to face it, you just have to hope that he loses ball alone. St James' Park is too realistic? There are some imperfections and other things that are too perfect! Like St James' Park, Newcastle Stadium. In the game, in fact, there is even the banner "Ashley out", used by fans of the English club to challenge the president. Error? In this case no. But it is curious how the Newcastle fans have been represented too faithfully with respect to reality.buy more fut coins Click Here