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FIFA 19 Career Mode Best Wonderkids

November 10, 2018 by venynx  

In FIFA 19 Career Mode, the most interesting and important thing is to sign FIFA players, many people want to sign players who are full of potentials, young and cheap, so that you can spend less buy fifa coins club budgets. Then who are the best FIFA 19 Career Mode Wonderkids in Ultimate Team? As you can follow FIFA 19 Reddit or FIFA 19 news. And today we will bring you the FIFA 19 best wonderkids with their actual potentials as well in the form of a top 10. These FIFA 19 Wonderkids are not as well known as some of the young superstar players, but they have the potential to be just as good and only cost you less FIFA 19 coins.

This FIFA wonderkid is the World Cup winner. 87 ratings start of the game could place a right-winger all through the middle as a striker. And his potential is better than last year(it was already 94), this year he has a potential of 95. He’s a FIFA 19 5-star skiller, high attacking, really good strength, 96 pace and 89 dribbling are also great. He is your best wonderkid on FIFA 19 career mode.
He's got 86 ratings, the potential over 93 that's a booster +1 from last year and where he saw himself at 92 potential. When you use him with his ridiculous 86 dribbling ability, he has that pace to get away from the defenders and he has strengths to go along with it.
Spanish winger Arsenio is technically all-around, although none of them has reached the top level, they are above average in many respects. The speed of 81 is enough to break through the side, and 83 passing ability can create opportunities on the side. He can also use 85 dribbling ability to cut inside and use 84 shooting ability to create goals.
A good goalkeeper in the game which is another hero of career mode. He began his career with Milan in 2015, becoming the second-youngest goalkeeper ever to debut in Serie A, aged 16 years, he immediately broke into the starting line-up, earning a reputation as one of the most promising young goalkeepers in the world. He also broke the record as the youngest Italy under-21 player ever to play, aged 17 years. in March 2016. He has 94 potential at the start of FIFA 18. It's been downgraded since then remained at 93. He has a ridiculously good potential and that's pretty much. His goalkeeping stats are utterly ridiculous, he comes from outcomes ball crosses and he's also a sweeper keeper as well which is quite nice. Click Here