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Our Favorite Banana Pancake Recipes

November 15, 2018 by Jason C  

Lou Mitchell's has fresh banana pancakes that are amazing, if we may say so. Now, we can't give away our secret recipe, but we can mention a few of our favorite banana pancake recipes that you can make at home. 

1. BROWN SUGAR BANANA PANCAKES: Tender and fluffy Banana Pancakes sweetened with brown sugar and flavored with vanilla. The best Banana Pancakes EVER!


2. BANANA PANCAKES: These pancakes came out super delicious and were the perfect breakfast for a beautiful Sunday morning.


3. Light & Fluffy Banana Pancakes: These light & fluffy banana pancakes are like banana bread in pancake form. Start your morning with this easy recipe!


4. Our own Banana Pancakes: http://www.loumitchells.com/menu/1-breakfast