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2 Locks Tips Every Realtor Should Know

November 27, 2018 by Bill Weingard  

Being a realtor, people assume your job primarily consists of helping clients to find the appropriate property at the appropriate price. While that may habitually be your main function, your ultimate objective is to keep an eye on your clients’ best interest while fulfilling all of their home buying & selling requirements. And to do this effectively, there are 2 vital pieces of info regarding locks you should be mindful of. Every house has locks, and no house is secure when it’s locks are not efficient.


Rekey the locks:

Most people know that it’s smart to change their locking systems when relocating into a new house, particularly if it was owned previously, but a very few know that replacing their locks isn’t the least expensive way to accomplish this. Lock replacement can be expensive & time consuming,  as they require buying & fitting totally new hardware.


Residential Lockout


This is one instance where rekeying can be a very simple yet affordable solution. Rekeying is the procedure via which the inner components of the existing locks on a house are reconfigured, and new keys are cut to match the new pattern. The old keys are made unusable, whereas the old locks are as safe as if they are brand new.


Rekeying is something all realtors should be mindful of, and better than asking your clients to rekeying, you can provide it for them instead. In fact, rekeying makes the ideal closing gift and is affordable and practical. What a lasting impression you’ll leave on your clients if you provide them the gift of a more secure house.


Strengthen deadbolt by 100 percent:

Deadbolts are usually known to the main security feature on majority of the doors, but they can still give away if excess force is applied.


Longer and durable screws are one secret to boost the potency of deadbolt as they reach all the way down to the actual structure  in the door frame & strengthen the door against severe force. Ask our Locksmiths in Scottsdale AZ about having  specialty screws installed into the door jambs in order to make those deadbolts strong & those doors much more kick-in resistant. Also make sure the strike hole where the deadbolt locks into is drilled at least 1” deep–if it isn’t, the door can likely be opened from the outside with no sign of forcible entry. Cave Creek Lock & Key is well versed in the correct installation of these type locks–You can trust your security to the Locksmith at Cave Creek Lock




By assuring that your clients’ deadbolts are supported by more than just the typical fastener, you safeguard their investment & send a message of concern for their well-being.


Being a realtor, your clients are depending heavily on you as they choose a new house. By being knowledgeable regarding locks & lock security, you can ensure your clients find the correct house & also know how to correctly secure it. At Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC, our locksmith in Scottsdale AZ loves working side-by-side with realtors to make sure their clients are well taken care of. If you think we can be your helping hand, feel free to call us at (480) 488 -9842.


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