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Best Indian spiritual healer in New Yor City

December 3, 2018 by Masterjaidev  

My name is Master Jaidev Guruji and I’ve been getting psychic readings over the phone and online for the past 7 years. We all reach a time in our lives where we could use a little extra spiritual guidance, and I’m no different.I’ve tried almost every type of reading you can imagine including tarot, love readings, palm readings, chakra balancing, dream analysis, astrology readings, and everything in between.





What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is spiritual in the sense it reaches the spiritual roots of the patient. The aim is that there should be total healing. If necessary that can include mind, body & soul. A truly inner healing experience.Spiritual healing is as old as time itself. Practised and recorded in history by all the great civilisations. Since the very beginning health has been important to mankind. My own family have practised as healers continuously since the 1860's.

Sadly the word 'spiritual' seems to evoke such argument and controversy. More often than not it's linked in peoples minds to "spiritualism" one of the world's principal religions.Though similar in practise spiritual healing is not based on any religion. Spiritual healing is a therapy and spiritualism is a religion.

Although religion is not brought into my healing I would however stress no qualified healer should dismiss a patients beliefs. I have my own private beliefs, and that's how they'll stay .. Private.

If faith was essential for successful healing, better health, well being etc I would see only patients with "faith" healed or get well.On many occasions I've offered healing to animals and young children, neither of which have any faith. Personally I have always found children and animals very receptive to my healing influences. Such patients certainly possess no "faith."





It's interesting to note that occasionally I've been asked to direct healing to a patient who is opposed to my type of help on religious grounds. These patients still respond.When healing is given patients will (almost without exception) experience an overall 'soothing'. I contact each patient individually to inform them of the times healing will be given, however 'joining in' so to speak, is not obligatory or necessary although some patients do so.


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Events & Retreats:Find out more about group healing events and/or retreats.

It is no coincidence that you have landed on my site. You may be looking for healing for yourself or someone you care about. I have been working with spirit to help heal people for over 20 years and I am here to offer you any help and support I can.

Amazing shifts can take place with the help of spirit and you will see the evidence of that all over this site. You don't have to see me in person you can receive healing from a distance no matter where you are in the world! Please know you are not alone and help is always available.

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