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Key Information For Buying Butcher Block Restaurant Tables

December 5, 2018 by Missouri Table And Chair  

If you’re the owner of a restaurant looking to update your space, butcher block restaurant tables are a fantastic choice! Undoubtedly butcher block tables and their design are incredibly stylish. Butcher block tables are very functional for use as a commercial table in any hospitality setting. Review the key information below when considering restaurant butcher block tables for your restaurant, so you can feel confident in your decision.



Proper care is necessary- Butcher block restaurant tables are sturdy in nature and create a warm classic look to any space.  However, butcher block tables require maintenance to ensure they last as long as possible to give you a great return on your investment.  Treat the surface only with recommended cleaning products.  At least once a year remove the minor nicks and scratches that might happen during its use. This will ultimately increase the usability of butcher block tables as new for a longer period.  Consult with the vendor when you purchase your butcher block tables to ensure you’re caring for your tables per the recommended specifications. 

They warm up your restaurant- Butcher block tables made of natural wood adds a rustic feel to any space and help to make your restaurant feel more cozy and comfortable. If you wish to give some modern look to your restaurant or build a good impression on clients mind, then incorporating butcher block restaurant tables can add an unexpected contrast to your restaurant business. Furthermore, butcher block tables are always in style for restaurants and there are options to fit within any budget. 

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There are different styles- One of the primary reasons so many hospitality business owners choose a butcher block table is that it will last longer and generally wears better than many other table options for the restaurant business. The natural look and wear pattern of wood tables are natural and don’t diminish the look of butcher block as it ages. You can also choose different wood types including oak, ash, maple and more that are very durable.  The variety of wood species and stain colors available means you can always select a butcher block table that will match with the theme of your restaurant. 



Be careful with water and heat- Any liquid substances can absorb into a wood table top which can lead to stains.  Clean up any spills as soon as possible.  Excessive heat can cause damage to the table’s surface.  Stacking chairs or barstools on the table top or against the edge will cause scratches and wear through the finish.  Treat your tables with care and they will pay you back by lasting a very long time.  


If you’ve decided to fill your space with butcher block restaurant tables, rely on Missouri Table and Chair. We produce fully customized butcher block tables of different shapes and sizes to meet your specific need. Our products are unique with the perfect finish that brings a distinctive look to your space. Our expert technicians are passionate about delivering the best designs that maximize your space.  For questions, call (800) 225-4935 today, and get the beauty of our butcher block tables! For more information stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .