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How Good Lighting Can Help Your Business

December 7, 2018 by moonlightpower  

What’s the secret to business success? There’s not one answer to that, unfortunately. It’s a whole range of factors that make the difference between a company doing well and failing. One area you might not have given so much thought to is that of lighting. Yes, the kind of lighting you use in a store, office or factory setting can make a real difference between how much you sell and how productive your staffs are. It can also boost safety. Here are some reasons why good lighting can help your business.


Selling your products


If you walked into a clothes store and was greeted by a dull, dark, uninspiring interior, would you stay for long or buy anything? Probably not. Many companies know that if they’re selling goods from a physical store, they need to dress it to impress. A lot of this comes down to how products are arranged and presented in the floor area, combined with the attentiveness of staff, but lighting is also a key ingredient. This starts on the outside, highlighting striking window displays to entice customers in, all the way through to putting the spotlight on strategically placed mannequins and other platforms within the sales area.



Lighting is also widely used to create ambiance in a restaurant or café. If diners feel comfortable and relaxed, then they’re likely to spend more time there – and spend more money. If you’re going on a date, for example, you may opt for somewhere that feels romantic with dimmer lights – not a bright display in a more clinical-feeling environment.


Keeping staff happy


If you run a business with office and/or manufacturing space, then lighting is something you’ll certainly be using across your working areas. What kind of lighting you use in office areas can have an impact on the mood and motivation of your staff, so you’ll want to think wisely about what kind of bulbs you install and where. Do you need to have strong, bright lights everywhere, or could some desk lamps work as well? How about in the chill-out areas? Can you create a different atmosphere?



In manufacturing and production-type settings, there will be rules around what kind of lighting you need to provide – to keep the space illuminated and the workforce productive. If you have a warehouse setting, look at the selection for Buy 200W UFO High Bay Light options. Your employees on the production line need to be able to see clearly, otherwise, accidents can be more frequent.



Keeping your business safe


If you have business premises, good security will always include good lighting – particularly if your building is in a dark area outside any town or city. Having strong lights in strategic positions, which are set off via sensors, could deter any would-be thieves from trying to get inside when the business is closed.


Having good lighting also helps to boost safety for your staff. Not only so they can perform their duties effectively and easily during the hours of darkness, particularly during the winter months, but also so they can feel safe when they’re arriving at and leaving the office.