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Corn rice liquid syrup manufacturing process and machines

December 7, 2018 by glucose fructose machine  

From 1950 onwards, the production of high fructose corn syrup was processed by fermentation of glucoamylase to give a DE value of 95-97. This syrup is quite sweet and contains fermentable sugars at a higher ratio than other corn syrups, mainly for fermentation production, such as bread and alcohol. Because of its high glucose content (up to 95%), it can be used as a commercial glucose crystal for food.

Before you are finding the technology process for liquid syrup manufacturing process, firstly you need to know that the liquid syrup include the glucose syrup, maltose syrup and high fructose syrup. And the material used for liquid syrup manufacturing are starch, any kins of starch is suitable, adopt different enzyme can produce different type liquid syrup.

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For liquid syrup(glucose, fructose, maltose) production, the main syrup equipment contain mixing tank, liquefaction tank, jet cooker, saccharification tank, syrup filter press, ion exchange column, syrup evaporator, syrup storage tank.

In addition, high acidity foods will convert all of the sucrose contained during processing and storage, in this case, the production of high fructose corn syrup can be used to minimize conversion. At the same time, since high fructose corn syrup is a low molecular weight monosaccharide, it penetrates into the cell wall of fruits or vegetables faster than sucrose, so high fructose corn syrup can be used in the production of sweet kimchi and related foods, taste better. Since low molecular weight sugars contain less fruit and other aromas than high molecular weight sugars, the use of high fructose corn syrup in some foods can reduce the amount of perfume.

Starch especially the corn starch usually the first choice to as the raw material for liquid syrup manufacturing, by the way, other kinds of starch also a good choice, recently, cassava starch also has been a good choice because of its cheap cost and high quality, you can click production of glucose from cassava to get the related information.

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In fact, in many foods, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can replace sucrose and invert sugar, except those that require solid sweeteners and less satisfactory use on certain foods. This decided that the production of high fructose corn syrup has large profit because of high fructose corn syrup widely application in food industry.


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