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Jordan - The Fantastic Destination For Adventure Seekers

December 7, 2018 by Mahdi Al-Nawafleh  

Jordan is heaven for adventure seekers. It has a great history and its culture was flourished by Ottoman and Islamic values. No matter whether you are planning to spend a vacation with family or alone, Jordan is always great to grab fantastic experience that you many get from other region of the world.


Adventure tours in Jordan offers a chance to enjoy 4WD safaris along with exploration of ancient civilization blend with traditional activities like snorkeling or swimming in Red Sea. Needless to mention, your tour will be incomplete without visit Petra. It has uniquely carved from the pink color rocks and proudly showcases the ancient marvelous of Jordan. Although not hot in the winter months, the temperature ranges from ten to fifteen degree Celsius from December to February while you are visiting in Easter; it will be hit twenty four degree Celsius in afternoons and then get cooling down in night. This amazing climate condition makes Jordan a near all year round destination. One thing is to keep in mind that, you should try to avoid busy months of July and August though when it hits thirty degree Celsius, and tourist crowds move in.


You can get a similarity between the travel packages in Jordan. All most all tour operators follow the same guideline. If you want something different, you should research much before your planning. Most of the tourist prefers to play at gladiators in the ancient corridors and dungeons of the Crusader castle at Kerak. The Roman city of Jerash is over twenty three hundred years old and providers the perfect backdrop for your kids imagination to run wild.


All most all trips including traditional camel trek to deep desert is enough to fill you with excitement. Here you have chance to meet with the locals and sleep under the sky in night. This trek will let you experience Bedouin lifestyle. Apart from it, you have chance to enjoy the guided tours of the Dana National Park and Great Rift Valley. If you love water activities, Snorkeling and floating in the Dead Sea will be really a unique experience that no one would like to turn down. Don’t forget to go for a shopping to the local markets. These are full with authentic Arab products.


Jordanians are popular for the lovely treatment to the guests. Families are especially welcome in Jordan with the locals guaranteed to take the time to entertain the smaller ones with gifts of Bedouin headdress. So, plan your trip to explore the majestic historical monuments of Jordan.