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About mobile phone charger knowledge

December 7, 2018 by keikeilaiy  

We are now inseparable from digital electronic products, whether it is traveling or daily work and life, and these need more or less power to maintain, this time the charger is our must-have product, today, mobile phone accessories wholesale suppliers give Let's take a look at the charger knowledge.


    The charger usually refers to a device that converts alternating current into low-voltage direct current. It includes a control circuit that meets the charging characteristics, such as current limiting and current pressure. The battery is included in the general product! Chargers are used in a wide range of applications.


    Master the following points:


    First, the degree of adequacy

    A sufficient battery is the main function of the charger, to what extent, 50%, 70%, 90%, or 100%, which reflects the utilization of battery capacity. Charging 50% of 2000mAH NiMH batteries is equivalent to 1000mAH batteries.


    Second, versatility

   The charger's applicable battery capacity range reflects the general level and a small range of chargers. When the user has a battery with a smaller capacity earlier or a new battery with a higher capacity, it is often necessary to purchase multiple chargers. The versatile charger can adapt to a large battery capacity range with only one, which can be applied not only to the previous and current battery capacity, but also to higher capacity batteries in the future.


    Third, the control method

   Manually controlling the charging time, in actual use, it is often negligent and overcharged, and fully automatic control charging is extremely convenient for the user.


    Fourth, fast charging performance

    The charger provides a fast charge or an emergency charge stream, and the battery is used in a short time and is quick to use.


    Five, charging power

    Nickel-cadmium-nickel-metal hydride batteries should use a constant current source charger.


    Sixth, daily charging capacity

    The charger's 24-hour maximum charging capacity reflects the charging capability. 100mA charging current, charger with 2 batteries, daily charging capacity is 3200mAH, 100mA charging 4 battery charger, daily charging capacity is 6400mAH, 300mA charging 4 battery charger daily charging capacity up to 20000mAH, daily charging The higher the capacity, the stronger the charging ability.