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some easy tips for lash growth

December 11, 2018 by slimseller  

Below are some tips to naturally conditioning and caring for your hair.

You may not realize it but egg is a great source of protein for both your body and your hair. In a bowl, beat one egg thoroughly, remove the white of the egg and just use the yoke. This is because the white of the egg is known to dry up the scalp and cause dryness, after all its only the yoke that has a high protein content. Then wash your hair as normal, and massage the beaten egg into your hair. Wait five minutes, then rinse with COLD water. You do not want to rinse the egg from your hair with hot water; the results will not be pleasant.

Hair conditioner does not need to be expensive, get a jar of inexpensive mayonnaise. Massage your hair and scalp with the mayonnaise thoroughly and rinse. Again, make sure you rinse with COLD water, as rinsing with hot water will cause the mayonnaise to set, making it difficult to avoid oily, greasy hair.

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