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Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi – More than Just a Beautiful Sandy Experience

December 11, 2018 by Orient Tours  

Abu Dhabi’s beauty continues to entice thousands of tourists from all over the world all year. The most popular activity in the mesmerizing UAE capital, is the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The desert safari offers visitors a chance to experience the enigmatic beauty of the desert.

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On a desert safari in Abu Dhabi, adventure lovers get to witness the majestic sand dunes, take amazing jeep tours through the desert and experience a night in the wilderness where they’ll sit beside a splendid fire, revel in delicious authentic Arabic cuisine and watch a tantalizing belly dance performance or simply sit back, smoke an Arabic water-pipe Sheesha and enjoy the serene desert atmosphere. They’ll later retreat into their tents for a blissful night’s sleep.

Aside from the desert safari, Abu Dhabi offers a variety of other exciting and adventurous tours throughout the year. Like the saying goes ‘everything has its best time’. Abu Dhabi‘s best time is during the winter months(October to April) when the climate cools considerably.


During this period, the temperature will be about 24°C or below, making it a breeze for you to visit all the fabulous places in Abu Dhabi and allowing you to take advantage of a variety of fun-packed entertainment, activities and festivals organized at different points in the Emirate. Orient Tours will be there to take you to all wonderful places and events at affordable rates.

If you ‘re not a big fan of winter, or have other engagements during the season, Summer in Abu Dhabi can be just as fun.  The ‘Summer in Abu Dhabi’ festival takes place every July with fun activities guaranteed. For hardcore thrill seekers, the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is more adventurous than ever. We have camel rides, sand skiing, 4X4 drives, roller coaster rides through the dunes, dune bashing, dune-buggy driving, and much more. The list gets better.

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For those who like laid back trips and seek a serene and relaxed desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi, the dinner-only safari trip at night is your best bet. This trip gives you an overnight stay at the desert under the dreamy desert sky. You’ll partake the special Arabic tea, coffee, barbecues and many other exotic dishes as you get entertained in a way that will leave you craving more of Abu Dhabi.

So, if you are in the UAE and seek for more fun and thrill in your life, or a chilled evening away from the buzzing city, then the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a must try for you. It’s the same desert for sure but with an extraordinary experience every day, just for you!


Orient Tours is the oldest and most well-established tour companies in the UAE, providing personalized and flexible desert safari in Abu Dhabi. They offer award-winning desert safaris in Dubai as well.

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