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December 13, 2018 by WoodFire Biryani  


This story begins around 2000 years back with a Kingdom called Woodfire supposed to be found some place in Whitefield. It rose to prominence around the globe for its formula of layered rice and mystery flavors; A formula that tricked Kings and masses alike; A dish that we presently know as Biryani. 





The formula was lost everlastingly when King Cyrus laid attack to Woodfire until the point that it was found among the remains. With this Biryani, we have breathed life into back this lost formula of Woodfire






We at Woodfire Biryani focuses to make unattractive nourishment arranged on woodfire and serve clients the best quality tastes. We plan nourishment with great quality and will make a point to never trade off on this.We have a group of 3 unique experts with a biryani Specialist and veggie lover authority. Starting at now the eating can oblige 20 individuals. We basically center around online deliveries.We utilize a ton of cashews and our unique simmered smells for every extraordinary dish.


Each family has its very own most loved biryani formulas. Here we present to you some lesser-known biryani formulas from exceptionally gifted nourishment bloggers. 











Sundays were our home's authentic 'Biryani day of the week'. Our home would be loaded up with the overwhelming fragrances of Basmati rice, whiffs of succulent lamb noticeable all around, impactful and exciting scents of ginger and garlic, a mixed blend of the different mixed flavors – the sweetness and hotness of cinnamon, the sharpness of cloves, the eminence of shah jeera, the intensity of the straight leaves, the blaze of green chillies and the ideal tango of crisp mint and coriander leaves.


Nearby as the ideal backups to this rich devour were hot Chicken sauce and some naturally whipped cool Vegetable Raita. That was our standard however much foreseen Sunday lunch custom, which today remains an affectionate and valued memory that can never under any circumstance genuinely be eradicated away.


Along these lines, today our star is the King of every Indian cooking – the uprightly powerful Biryani!


Despite the fact that the pioneers of this virtuoso dish were the Mughals who presented this in India through their attacks, we have taken this dish to an entirely unique dimension.


Aside from the vegan choices, the Biryani is a joy to non-veggie lovers especially in the sheer part of its range – Be it Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Egg Biryani, Shrimp Biryani, Fish Biryani, or Lamb Biryani.