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Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number

December 13, 2018 by Andrew Mac  

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost and the eight largest commercial airlines in North America. Connecting small cities to major hubs, the airline operates flights to 67 destinations throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. It is a no-frills airline that aims to provide the lowest airfare for the places you choose to fly. The air ticket prices offered by Spirit Airlines are comparatively much lower than the other available American airlines. The airline starts you off with its unbundled Bare Fare and then the Frill Control program. In Bare Fare, you get the lowest ticket booking options for your chosen destination. In Frill Control program, the airline asks you to pay only for the options you select to avail in your tickets like bags, seat arrangement, in-flight services, etc. Unlike the other airlines, Spirit Airlines helps you save money and travel more! It operates more than 356 flights daily to 60 destinations in the US.

To make your travel affordable and save maximum on ticket booking with Spirit Airlines, here are some tips to follow.

Book your tickets early

The airline recommends booking your tickets early to avoid high-priced airfare for your travel. The lowest priced air tickets tend to sell more quickly on the peak flight timings. If you want to make your travel easy and affordable try booking a flight during mid-morning, early-afternoon or late-night. At these times, you are more likely to be able to book a flight at a lower price. And, don’t forget to avail the upcoming Black Friday deals and discounts on air tickets! Contact Spirit Airlines Phone Number to book your flight tickets anytime.

Avoid peak seasons

It is obvious that tickets are going to be costly on the special days like Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. The peak season is a period in which the airline generate more revenue than ever for all good reasons. So, if you wish to travel to meet your parents on Thanksgiving or to visit a friend on Valentine’s, try booking your tickets in advance. Even the no-frills airline like Spirit Airlines, cannot help you avail the lowest price tickets unless you have signed up for its Mileage or special travel programs.

Be Flexible with your travel dates and timings

It is always recommended by the airline to board red-eye (mid-night) flights or early-morning flights to save on your ticket booking. The flights are less crowded at these times and it increases your probability of getting affordable tickets. Early-morning and red-eye flights are considered as the best times to fly, as airports are quieter, check-in and security lines are shorter, and boarding is more efficient. So, be flexible with your travel dates and timings if they are not crucial for you.

Be in constant touch with Customer Care

The customer care of the airline is quite forthcoming when we talk about the travel experience. The airline aims to give the lowest-priced air tickets to the customers for their destination. In case you are booking early and still cannot find low airfare for your travel, call on the Spirit airlines customer service number +1-888-388-8770 Stay in constant touch with the customer care of the airline to know more about the latest offers, deals, and discounts on ticket booking.

If you choose to fly with this airline, know when is the best time to fly to save maximum on your tickets. Ensure that you do signup for the frequent flyer program of the airline to stay informed with the latest offers on the air tickets.

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