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Pilonidal Sinus Doctors in Bangalore

December 14, 2018 by Pragathi Piles Hospital  

Leech Therapy


It helps reduce the pain and the swelling felt from varicose veins, and can help dissolve blood clots that have formed. But leech therapy is not effective for patients whose venous disease is caused by insufficient valves and inadequate vessel dilation. The saliva of leeches is known to contain beneficial enzymes.

Leech therapy is used to treat ailments like Vericose veins, skin ulcer and other chronic skin related diseases.




Hijama is a drug less healing and an alternative medication. This is forgotten treatment that is being reveived today.

In Hijama blood is drawn by vacuum from a small skin incision for therapeutic purposes. The practice has Greek and Persian origin and is mentioned by Hippocrates.


What is Hijama?


It is an Arabic word, using light superficial scratches & vacuum to remove toxins from the body for the therapeutic purposes.



Why Hijama?


It is an alternate to medication a forgotten treatment used across Europe, China, Middle East & North African Countries. It is a best remedy to most illnesses.





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