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hot sale cutting wheel cost-effective

December 14, 2018 by zengbin  

In the grinding wheel, there is split type grinding wheels and ba type grinding wheels. The flat grinding wheel is mainly used for cutting, so it is also called a cutting piece, or a resin hot sale cutting wheel. If it has special requirements, it can also have an ultra-thin cutting piece. The ba type grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding and grinding. Grinding and grinding discs are called grinding discs. Grinding discs are usually thicker and can be more durable and wear resistant in grinding. There are more and more people who use the grinding wheel because the grinding wheel has a very high-cost performance. For saw blades with the same effect, the grinding wheel is not only cheaper but also has other advantages in other aspects. The same price is better than quality, the same quality than price, this famous saying is indeed the truth. Strictly speaking, the grinding wheel is a new type of hardware product. It has only developed in China in recent years. The development process is mixed, so many manufacturers have closed down. The manufacturers that can successfully adhere to it must be very rich. Experience and advanced technical strength. Because of the objective factors such as raw materials and technology, we can't rely solely on theoretical data to complete quality stability and new product development. More practical experience and continuous experimentation are required to ensure product quality and continuously develop new products. The use of phenolic resins as binders for resin wheels is almost universally consistent. Except that the benzene ring resin (an epoxy-modified phenolic resin) is used in the most heavy-duty steel billet grinding wheel, the phenolic resin is basically used, and the formulation and process of the basic resin have been finalized. The binders mentioned here are broadly defined, and in addition to the binder itself (phenolic resin), fillers and additives are included, and the additives are highly varied. The composition of the additive ingredients actually represents what the grinding wheel manufacturer has mastered, but the basic bonding agent has not changed much.